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Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)

Scott Stiles, CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist) and associates can  help you with your environmental and safety concerns.  There are numerous materials that can affect the water we drink and the soils in which we grow our foods.  Contaminants in the air can make everyday breathing difficult.  Materials once thought safe for building have since been deemed unsafe for humans interaction.  Workplaces may have conditions that don’t meet safety requirements thereby posing a risk to your safety.  Our CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist) can help determine if you have any environmental or safety issues.


Locally owned and operated, Stiles Environmental and Industrial Hygiene can help you with your environmental and safety concerns. 

Services: Industrial Hygiene Services, Asbestos & Lead Sampling, Abatement/ Remediation Oversight, Soil & Water Testing, Indoor Air Quality Investigations, Mold Inspections. Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Methamphetamine Testing.  


Project Examples:


Petersen Air Force Base – Conducted personal air monitoring for asbestos abatement workers. Results were compared to the OSHA PEL and STEL to determine if existing personal protective equipment was sufficient based on protection factors.

Element Properties - Asbestos Inspection of 30,000 sq.ft. of laboratory and office areas in light industrial building prior to major renovation.

Stapleton Redevelopment - Oversight by Certified Building Inspector during excavation activities to assure compliance of buried asbestos protocols.

Buckley Air Force Base - Asbestos abatement oversight and air monitoring during the removal of transite siding from a large hangar. Other safety concerns included elevated work conditions (i.e. working in safety harnesses), electrical hazards, slips and cold stress.

Metropolitan State College Tivoli Building - Oversight provided by Certified Building Inspector during excavation of commons area to assure buried asbestos protocols were upheld..Photo-ionization detector (PID) utilized to screen excavated soils for hydrocarbons.

Sheridan VA Medical Center - Lead-based paint removal oversight and monitoring for six buildings. The project consisted of reviewing abatement contractor documents, collecting pre and post wipe and soil samples, air monitoring during the work, ascertaining work practices and engineering controls were being followed during the work. 


Porta Power - Conducted an asbestos survey of roofing materials and window glazing compounds on this 5 acre, heavy industrial property.


US Air Force Academy -Performed soil inspections for suspect asbestos-containing debris on 32 plus acres of the Air Force Academy grounds.


Foothills Parks and Recreation -  Monitored pool areas for Indoor Air Quality and sampled the water quality of the indoor recreation pools. 


Wildernest Property Management - Conducted asbestos inspections of multiple buildings in order to update facilities’ Operations & Maintenance plans.


Highlands Ranch Parks and Recreation -  Monitored pool areas for Indoor Air Quality during the renovation and installation of new ventilation systems. 


Multiple Residential Projects - Perform asbestos bulk sampling, mold investigations, pre and post wipe sampling for methamphetamine, lead based paint inspections for properties proposed for renovation or demolition.  Inspections include both interior and exterior materials.  If property requires remediation then final visual and air monitoring is conducted at the conclusion of each remediation project.  A Demolition Permit Application Form is developed for  the property. 

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