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Environmental regulations and protections affect all the clients served by Stiles Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Services. Our CIH and team of professionals counsel clients in the interpretation of local, state and federal regulations governing our environments, hazardous materials use and safety issues surrounding our daily activities in multiple environments. We help our clients ascertain potential environmental or hazardous material problems, assist them with the interpretation of the rules and regulations applied to their potential problem, offer guidance through the corrective process and provide oversight implementing any solutions. Our knowledge and experience insures that our clients are compliant with safety rules and regulations governing our environment.

Industry, businesses and governing bodies use our services when acquiring properties and structures, re-purposing or renovating properties and structures, re-storing properties or structures to original use. We provide initial site assessments detailing any hazardous materials or existing environmental concerns that might be present prior to the purchase of a property or structure. Clients wishing to renovate, re-purpose or demolish existing property or structures can call on us to identify hidden concerns such as mold, methamphetamine, asbestos, and contaminated water or soil. Established businesses and governing bodies can request a review of current practices and procedures to determine if their location is operating within current OSHA guidelines or to ensure their employees are not exposed to harmful chemicals or unsafe worker conditions.

When disasters such as floods and fires occur, our services are required to identify any immediate safety concerns that might impede the work of clean-up and restoration. We insure that hazardous materials are properly identified, contained and removed.


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